Laser cutting

Laser cutting is the right technology when you need the best result and professional looking products and parts. The keywords are high precision of produced details and a fast work process from idea to final result.


Materials suitable for laser cut

is ideally suited for laser cutting. Detail edges will be perfect and corresponds precisely to the preset working file. Laserlõigatavad on akrüülid kuni paksuseni 20 mm. (Meie cnc freesi abil saab töödelda ka paksemat materjali.) Saadaval on nii kirkaid kui värvilisi, samuti matte- ehk satiinplekse. Acrylics up to 20 mm thick can be cut by laser. (Thicker material can be processed using our cnc milling machine.) Both clear and colored, as well as matte or satin plexiglass are available. In addition, special light-diffusing, colored light-emitting, and mirror sheets are available. We use high-quality PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic glasses produced in Germany.

like: polyethylene, polystyrene, PET are also laser cuttable However, unknown plastics should be tested beforehand. PVC cannot be laser cut, but it can be cnc milled. Polystyrene foam is possible to cut with laser up to a thickness 50 mm. Thicker foam parts can be made with our cnc milling machine.

From these elastic and durable plastics, we can make various kinds of labels for example wardrobe numbers. By processing we will remove upper layer of colored plastic, second layer with different color will be visible. From multi-layered plastics is possible to make durable products with detailed graphical elements.

is laser cutable, while various rubber-like materials that contain silicone require prior testing.

These are perfect laser cutting materials. The cutting edge will be brownish. Laser cutted edge does not require additional grinding. Waterproof and moisture-resistant plywood cannot be laser cut due to the glue used in them. (These materials can be cut well by our cnc machine.)

are perfectly laser cuttable. Special compressed air cooling helps prevent these materials from igniting during cutting. With the help of laser cutting, we can create architectural models details, specially designed in prints, packaging and packaging prototypes.

are usually very good material for laser cutting. A big advantage is the fact that if we use a laser for cutting, the tool does not have mechanical contact with the material, so the parts cannot shift when cutting complex shapes.

In addition, a wide range of materials can be cut, it is worth asking for more information! The thickness of the processed materials can vary from 0.1 to 20 mm.

When to choose laser cutting?

Laser cutting allows you to cut parts with high precision. Edge finishing will be the best possible. Our lasers are specially designed for laser cutting and laser engraving of light materials. Metals can’t be cut with our laser, but aluminum, brass and aluminum-containing materials can be cut using Laserstudio’s cnc milling machine. Laser cutting is also suitable for unexpected materials such as thin fabrics, where the details are very precise, as the cutting beam does not shift the material as in the case of knife cutting; cardboard and paper, which can be used as a material for the production of architectural model parts; natural materials such as felt and leather can be used to make very interesting products. The best result is definitely obtained when cuttingacrylic glass,, the laser-cut edge has a perfect finish.

What can be produced using laser cutting technology?

  • Laser Cutting Cardboard

    Laser Cutting Cardboard

    It is rational to make packaging prototypes with the laser, so you can flexibly make changes...

  • Laser cutting of plywood

    Laser cutting of plywood

    Laser cutting of plywood is the best way to produce high precision parts.

  • Laser cutting of plexiglass

    Laser cutting of plexiglass

    Acrylic (Plexiglas) is an excellent material for laser-cut parts.