Laser cutting of plywood

In the production of parts from plywood, the main processing methods are plywood cnc milling and laser cutting. Laser cutting ensures high precision of details.

vineeri laserloikus

Plywood furniture

Should I use cnc milling or laser cutting?

Work to be doneCNC MillingLaser cutting
plywood parts with pits and holes:)
waterproof and moisture-resistant plywood:)
plywood of a thickness exceeding 8 mm:)
plywood of a thickness of 3 mm or less:)
details of architectural models made from plywood:)
small plywood details:)
laser engraved plywood parts:)

Plywood areas of use:

– furniture industry – theatre decorations – decorative elements – awards – gifts –

Plywood is a widely used material in the furniture industry precisely because of its strength and relative lightness. Laserstudio has also produced plywood furniture, awards, interior items, gift boxes, corporate gifts, theater decorations, architectural models and much more.

Price of laser cutting of plywood

The price of plywood laser cutting depends on the time spent on the work. In other words, file preparation, cutting line length, perforation, material strength and thickness are the factors that affecting the price of cnc milling. The complexity of the cutting line does not change the price of cutting, only the length of the line matters.