Wayfinding systems, 3D logos, Signs

Wayfinding system design

A modern building works as it should with a well designed signage system. Signage systems may include wayfinding signs, directional signage, information boards, and other types of markers to help people navigate complex or expansive spaces.

3D logos

Acrylic glass three-dimensional logo is glued to the background or wall. From us, you can get the entire set you need for the job: acrylic glass letters with adhesive tape and an installation template. On request, we also offer an installation service.

  • ruumilise_logo_kleepimine
  • ruumilise_logo_liimimine
  • logo seinal
  • akrüülist logo
  • seinasilt
  • sildid
  • infoviit
  • majanumber
  • aadressi silt

Information boards Wayfinding signs

Ask price for Information boards and Wayfinding signs We can use different materials and technologies to achieve the required result.




  • Loreal_display

    L’Oreal display

    Loreal's stand is designed to replace a widely used cardboard stand...

  • Ref stands

    REF Stands

  • Caparol_colour_samples_display

    Caparol Color Samples Display

  • Ensto product display

    ENSTO Product Presentation Stand

  • ahhaa_science_center_stands

    AHHAA Science Centre information stand

  • Nestea degustation table

    Nestea degustatsioonilaud

  • Bacardi Martini degustation

    Bacardi Martini riiul

  • Davidoff müügiriiul

    Davidoffi müügiriiul

  • The Coca Cola Company's BonAqua shelf

    Bon Aqua müügiriiul

  • Synlab kaitseekraan

    Synlabi kaitseekraanid

  • e-sigarett

    E-sigareti display

  • E-cigarette display

    Nikorexi tootealus

  • rinnaimplantaatide_display

    Rinnaimplantaatide müügidisplay

    Materjalid: Valge ja kirgas akrüüklaas...

  • Drum_display

    Drum tootealus

    Tootealus on disainitud vastavalt tootegrupi ...

  • Phillip Morris display for existing advertising space

    Philip Morrise tootealus

    Olemasolevale reklaampinnale kinnitamiseks ...

  • L'Oreal display

    Loreal’i kampaaniariiul

    Kosmeetikatoodete müügistend on mõeldud ...

  • energy_drink_burn_can_holder

    Burn’i purgihoidja

    Toode on mõeldud müügikülmikusse ...

  • Sipo tootealus

    Sipo tootealus

  • smart_devices_stend

    Nutiseadmete stend

  • Caparol_presentation_center

    Caparoli presentatsioonikeskus

    Caparoli presentatsioonikeskuse näol on tegemist suurema väljapanekuga materjalide ja tehnoloogiate tutvustamiseks...

  • Dove_insallation

    Dove installatsioon

    See installatsioon oli mõeldud Dove müügikampaaniate läbiviimiseks otse poekeskonnas...

How to highlight your products at the point of sale?


There are many ways to highlight your products at the point of sale: specially designed sales shelves, special product trays, dispensers, stands for advertising services, tasting tables, permanent installations in dome lobbies, lighting solutions, etc.

Our clients include well-known Estonian and international companies.

The skilful presentation of a product at the point of sale should be treated as an independent advertising channel.

It is optimal to produce product trays in series, this way you reduce costs and ensure an affordable display at every presentation location.

20 years of experience


We manufacture product stands, display shelves, advertising stands, brochure and promotional material stands, promotional installations and more.
Laserstudio has a long experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing various POS materials.



100% of image surface.

1 x 1 m double-sided, printed fabric lightbox 660 €.

Hanging or standing

Lightboxes can be hung, stand on their feet or mounted on the wall.

valguskast kahepoolne1

Two sided

The design can be on both side of the light box.

valguskast kahepoolne 2


An easily replaceable light strip is used. So the design is easily changeable.


Light boxes can be used to create larger decorative wall surfaces.

Available in stock 1 x 1 m and 1 x 2 m modules.

Suitable for indoor use

This lightweight and evenly lit light box is designed for indoor use.


Economical Led light sources are used.