CNC Milling

CNC milling enables efficient and high precision cutting of parts from a wide range of sheet materials. CNC milling technology allows you to mill materials that cannot be cut with laser cutting, such as PVC, water- and moisture-resistant plywood, aluminum, composite materials.

cnc freesimine

The entire process from drawing to product is quick and usually requires relatively little machine setup. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture individual objects as well as serial production. The advantages of our milling machine are best suited in the production of parts from sheet materials, while the milling of three-dimensional parts is successfully possible thanks to the use of special Siemens NX software. Ask for an offer for CNC milling, we will respond quickly and give advice if necessary.

Working area of cnc milling machine

The high-performance Multicam 3000 CNC milling machine has a working area of 2060 × 3090 mm with a milling height of up to 140 mm. This allows use of a standard plastic material sheet of 3050 x 2060 mm (3 m 5 cm x 2 m 5 cm) to be machined in a single operation. In this way, we can ensure very efficient milling time consumption for large quantities of products.

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If the material is larger than the CNC milling machine working area, it may also be possible to cut it out by cutting a part of the detail and then sliding the material to continue cutting. As the parts are fixed by a vacuum table, very small parts cannot be cut, in some cases (dimensions of the parts are of the order of a few centimetres) it is more practical to use laser cutting technology. Here you can get the necessary advice from the project managers at Laserstudio.

Materials for CNC milling

Materials for CNC milling are:

  • different plastic materials;
  • wood and plywood;
  • aluminium composite panels;
  • styrofoam;
  • we can also cut aluminium and brass.

CNC milling technology allows you to mill materials that cannot be cut with laser cutting, such as PVC, water- and moisture-resistant plywood, aluminum, composite materials. If we are not sure whether the material can be milled we will first perform a test cut on the material before production.

Milling line characteristics


Since the milling machine tool is cylindrical, there will be a radius at the inside corners of the cuts. Usually milling tools with a diameter of 4 mm are used (so the radius of the inside corner will be 2 mm), but tool diameters can vary according to the work and thickness of the material. You don’t need to take this into account when preparing the file: we will make the necessary changes to the file ourselves.

Very small parts cannot be cut with CNC because they are difficult to fasten.

Unlike the laser, CNC machine can cut to various depths.

Drawing file

The file must be in vector format. Examples of suitable file formats are pdf, ai, cdr, dxf, dwg. The drawing should be in 1:1 scale. It would be a good idea to put all the details on single file.






CNC milling price

The cost of CNC milling depends on the time needed for milling and file preparation. In other words, the length of the cutting line, the preparation of the drawing file and also the material used are important. If a drawing file is available, we can easily calculate the price with the help of a software that calculates the length of the cutting line.

Asking for the price:

CNC milling technology possibilities.

  • Newspaper display stand

    Newspaper display stand

    Composite materials such as Dibond, Neobond, etc. provide an excellent opportunity for the production of various stands...

  • Vineeri freesimine

    Vineeri freesimine

    CNC freesimine on efektiivseim tehnoloogia vineerist detilide lõikamiseks.

  • MDF-i freesimine

    MDF-i freesimine

    MDF on suurepärane mööblitööstuse toormaterjal.