this variously named plastic material (known in the industry as PMMA) is perfectly laser-cuttable. Laser cutted edge is bright and shiny. We can cut small parts, no matter how complex the cutting line is. Result is depending on the thickness of the material.

If laser-cutted parts need to be glued, Laserstudio uses a special heating process to prepare the cut surfaces: the glue joint remains stress-free.

Acrylic glass is available in both clear and coloured, as well as satin sheets with a matt finish.

Applications of Plexiglas

– furniture industry – interior design elements – promotional items – illuminated advertising – signs and signposts – spatial logos – awards – gifts –

Coloured acrylic glass

Acrylic glass is available in transparent, special colours, mirror, satin or matt finishes.

Acrylic glass laser cutting price

The cost of laser cutting acrylic glass or Plexiglas is staggered by the time it takes. The time taken to prepare the file, the length of the cutting line and the thickness of the material are all factors affecting the price.