Leather Laser Engraving

High quality leather labels produced for the alcohol producer Liviko. Laser cutted and laser engraved. There is possible to engrave to natural or synthetic leather. However, a sample must be taken before engraving to synthetic leather to see exactly what the result will be.

Engraving to the leather Liviko flags

Laser engraved leather pennants for Liviko.

Engraving technology

Laser engraving on leather is a modern way to personalize your leather goods and make them unique. During this process, a laser beam is used, creating a slightly embossed, darkened, engraved effect on the surface of the leather.

Laser engraving can be very versatile and is ideal for personalising or branding leather products. For example, you can laser engrave a logo, a name tag, a special design or a text on leather products. It also allows the creation of more complex patterns or engravings.

You can choose your own text or design and have it laser engraved onto your leather product. This adds personality and creates a unique product that will last for years.
Laser engraving is widely used on leather goods such as wallets, handbags, keychains, and more.

Laser engraving on leather, price.

The price of laser engraving depends on the size of the area to be laser engraved. The quantity of the products to be engraved will certainly have an impact on the price. For larger quantities, we can optimise our workflow and offer a more friendly price for your work. Ask for the price!